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Chaplaincy Australia is the ACC's network of Chaplains delivering support and care across every aspect of Australian society. We deliver professional, equipped and motivated Chaplains into all industries and response agencies. We desire to see Chaplains released and attached to every interest group in Australia. Wherever people are, a Chaplain can make a difference! Learn More


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Expansion, emerging possibilities and new training opportunities 


Exciting developments, brilliant opportunities and a great conference


Equipping, training and releasing our  Chaplains in the Southern States


Growing network touching our largest state.  Wide open spaces and options


Great potential and wide open opportunities for the future






It is a critical operational objective of Chaplaincy Australia to provide our communities with well trained operatives.

The different realms of Chaplaincy require various forms of interpretation and skill-sets to perform in the role suitably. 

Take for example, the difference between a Chaplain placed in Emergency Services where Trauma Counselling..


Chaplaincy is such an exciting ministry that operates out of the local church and reaches into so many different areas of the community. 

Wherever there are groups of people, there is a great opportunity for a Chaplain to be!

Chaplaincy Australia is a department of the Australian Christian Churches (AOG) and comprises of a … 


Once trained and accredited, Chaplains and Associates are ready and equipped for deployment.. deployment into any area of Chaplaincy! 

For some it will be schools, hospitals, sports teams, homeless shelters, Aged Care Facilities, Prisons and Juvenile Justice Facilities or other community groups. The truth is … 

Chaplain's Stories

Filling more than shopping baskets

Bill Glover is a newly accredited Chaplain who has started work with a local community group that is providing low cost food to people in need. As the chaplain, Bill meets with all the clients of the service and is involved with screening and assisting to identify...

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Chaplains Make Impact During Recent Floods

In the recent floods in QLD & NSW Chaplaincy Australia Chaplains offered care, support to individuals who were facing some of the worst days of their lives.  Our Chaplains were part of the Disaster Recovery Chaplaincy Network (DRCN) response which was...

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School Chaplains…Right Where They Need To Be…

Laura Douglas shares the reason for her passion and the joy she has found as a school chaplain.  "As Chaplain at Windsor High I just love being around young people, I love connecting one on one with them and having 'deep' conversations about how they are doing....

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Prison Chaplains Witness Real Freedom…

Our prision chaplains regularly share incredible stories of hope and restoration - Corrective service establishments are populated by individuals who have reached the end of themselves and the end of their options.   They are held within strict limits and...

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Military Chaplains Make A Difference

In all three services across the country we now have men and women serving the members of the ADF and their families...  Her hands were shaking and her eyes refused to leave the ground, there was something that she wanted to say but she did not know how...

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Aged Care…A Growth Industry

More and more people are feeling more and more isolated and expecially so as they grow older..aged care chaplains all over the country are connecting with the lonely, sometimes forgotten individuals who live in thousands of aged care facilities around our states....

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A Chaplain is a trained person who offers care and acceptance to all, regardless of race, gender or cultural background. 


  • Listen 
  • Provide a safe environment for people to share their feelings 
  • Help people work through life issues 
  • Are confidential and caring 
  • Assist in times of crisis

If you would like information on how to place a Chaplain in your organisation please contact us…

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Chaplaincy Training

It is a critical operational objective of Chaplaincy Australia to provide our communities with well trained Chaplains.
Different sectors of Chaplaincy work have differing expectations and skill-sets required to perform roles suitably. 

Accredited Chaplaincy Training

Delivered through our partner Alphacrucis College.  CERT IV & Diplomas

Professional Development

Ongoing training providing upskilling and refresher training.


Initial Chaplaincy Training

Helping you start your Chaplaincy journey.

Chaplains are making a difference to Australian Society - one person at a time.

Your contribution helps up continue to make a difference.


NSW/ACT Chaplaincy Conference - 6-7 Sept

Relationship, Relatedness and Connection

“Exploring Human and Spiritual Attachment”

Just one of the speakers will be Dr Marie-Therese Proctor

Head – Graduate School of Counselling, Excelsia College

When: Wednesday 6th Sept (evening) and Thursday 7th Sept

Where: The Woolshed 601 Princes Hwy Yallah (Wollongong), NSW

The ACC is committed to continuing to create even safer places for children and young people, with every local church and everyone who is in ministry being aware of their responsibilities towards protecting children.   A part of this commitment is to ensure that all of our Chaplains are appropriately trained for the tasks they perform.  SAFER CHURCHES TRAINING is part of this commitment… 


 In our churches you’ll find vibrant, contemporary Christians who love the Lord Jesus Christ and express that love in lively praise and worship and in caring relationships.




We would love to hear your stories of what you have been up to in chaplaincy – send us the details and a photo or video link and we would love to add it to our site.  






Be equipped for a career that cares with practical and theological training to minister to those in need.  Alphacrucis is at the forefront of equipping individuals for careers of influence. 



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