1800Chaplain - Call Team Assessment


Part 1 - Assessment Questions

4. When is it Ok to give your personal opinion or give direct advice to a caller?(Required)
6. What is the preferred way to ask if someone is at risk?(Required)
8. It is ok to discuss the calls you receive with family and friends?(Required)
9. A caller is only at risk of suicide if it is a big issue and they directly tell a call team member they are at risk or they are not a Christian.(Required)
10. I do not have to agree with a person’s behaviour or choices in order to listen and to support the caller effectively?(Required)
11. Whose responsibility is it to look after you and implement self-care strategies?(Required)
15. On a scale from 1-5 How ready do you feel to be on the phones for 1800Chaplain?(Required)
16. How confident are you in identifying someone at risk of suicide and asking them directly?(Required)
17. How confident are you in using the Teams Software?(Required)
18. How confident are you in using the Pastoral Care App to record calls?(Required)

19. Scenario #1

A 52 year old has called 1800Chaplain.

He tells you his partner has started drinking more lately since they lost their job 6 months ago due to Covid . They have been fighting a lot lately since then.

The caller tells you that last night their partner got angry and physically hit them. They left their home and is ringing you from a motel room.

They have 2 children, 13 & 16 but the states they didn’t see the incident.

The caller is worried about them but doesn’t want to say anything negative about their partner to the kids as the kids adore them.

The caller says he can’t live like this anymore and asks you what they should do?


20. Scenario #2

23 Year old has called 1800Chaplain.

The caller tells you they are a Christian and they heard that you could give them advice about the Covid vaccination debate – to be double vaxx-ed or not? They want to obey God. They have just lost their job of 18 months as a Teachers Aid which they love. They are very distressed and tell you they don’t know what to do but they are desperate for this to all stop.

They ask you what they should do.


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1800Chaplain Call Team commitment

As a part of the 1800Chaplain Call Team do you commit to upholding the Chaplaincy Australia code of conduct and the ethos and requirements of 1800Chaplain as detailed in the training that you have received?(Required)