To establish and implement a new nation-wide toll-free service which aims to accommodate the needs of people seeking Chaplaincy support.

To further increase the profile of Chaplaincy in the local church and wider community by demonstrating the benefits of having pastoral care easily available to the Australian community as it faces both the big and small challenges of daily life.

What is 1800CHAPLAIN?

1800CHAPLAIN will be an Australia wide service that will provide a safe and confidential forum that takes a holistic view of the person’s emotions, stressors and moral dilemmas, where they need not shy away from deeper questions about their faith and sense of purpose.

Long before the COVID-19 spike in demand for various Helplines, Chaplaincy Australia identified the escalating need for industry-based chaplaincy to be available on-call and after hours. This has been repeatedly relayed to the organisation by its national network of chaplains and over 1000 churches. Crisis services such as Lifeline have been fast-tracking volunteers and shortening their training program from 14 to 4 weeks. 1800CHAPLAIN can alleviate this through earlier intervention, before the person experiences suicidal ideation. All Chaplaincy Australia’s fully accredited chaplains have achieved at least a Certificate IV in Chaplaincy and Pastoral Care or progressed to a Higher Education Diploma of Chaplaincy with 100 hours of a supervised placement.

Their training enables Chaplaincy Australia’s network of Chaplains to connect with the person for a friendly chat to discuss life’s everyday challenges. This after-hours and on-call service will fill a growing hunger for preventative pastoral care. By providing this point of difference, these resources will take pressure off the suicidal end of help lines.



Chaplaincy Australia is aiming to launch 1800CHAPLAIN by the end of 2021. Keep an eye on this page for further updates as the project develops.

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1800CHAPLAIN is a a new toll-free service which aims to accommodate the needs of people seeking Chaplaincy support.
1800CHAPLAIN is available to anyone in the Australian community
1800CHAPLAIN is expected to launch before the end of 2021