Application Pack

For anyone who has completed their chaplaincy training and is looking to connect with a network of chaplains then please feel free to download an Application Form for Accreditation with Chaplaincy Australia.

National CA Application Form

National Re-Accreditation Form (for existing Network Members)

Reference Form (For all Applications)

Theological Questionnaire (this is for Affiliated Applicants only)

Please take some time to read through the National CA Application Form and in particular take note of the essential criteria (page 6) that must be met and our Professional Code of Conduct (page 7) that must be adhered to if your application is successful.

As a department of the Australian Christian Churches movement (ACC/AOG) Chaplaincy Australia would also like to extend a warm invitation to Chaplains from other Christian Denominations who would like to be a part of our Network. We are pleased to offer an Affiliated status to all applicants from other Christian denominations who are successful in their application.

If you are applying from within another Christian denomination please also attach the Theological Questionnaire with your application..

Only Required for Afffiliated Chaplains


How to become Accredited with Chaplaincy Australia

Chaplaincy is such an exciting ministry that operates out of the local church and reaches into so many different areas of the community. Wherever there are groups of people, there is a great opportunity for a Chaplain to be!

Chaplaincy Australia is a department of the Australian Christian Churches (AOG) and comprises of a network of trained Chaplains and Chaplaincy Associates who are united in passion and purpose to see people supported thru life.

We have ministries in each State of Australia with a State Director who is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the Network and for the accreditation of new applicants into the Network.

If you are interested in becoming a part of Chaplaincy Australia we invite you to have a read through the attached application pack and consider if this is something that you can be a part of.

Some of the benefits that people experience through being accredited with Chaplaincy Australia are:

  1. An immediate connection with a Regional Chaplain who is familiar with all that is involved in the ministry of chaplaincy and is available for additional support as needed.
  2. Regular regional gatherings where you can connect with other chaplains and share your experiences, strengths and hopes.
  3. Annual Chaplaincy Conference to contribute to your professional development and networking connections.
  4. Opportunity for specialised disaster response training and possible deployment during times of disaster.
  5. Notification of employment opportunities that arise.

The process of being accredited with Chaplaincy Australia is relatively simple as outlined below:


  1. Training: All Chaplaincy ministry requires appropriate training – so whether you are starting out in this ministry or looking at taking a senior chaplaincy role we need to assess that you have undertaken the appropriate Chaplaincy Training and are developing your practical experience. We are keen to assist applicants in this process and if you have not yet undertaken any training we are regularly offering course appropriate to your needs.
  2. Application: Each applicant needs to complete an application form and submit it to their State office. The application needs to be endorsed by your Senior or Campus Pastor. All non-ACC/AOG applicants must also submit a completed theological questionnaire.
  3. References: Once an application form is received and all checks are completed, we forward 2 referee forms to your nominated referees for comment.
  4. Interview: When both referee forms are returned and assuming that no issues need to be addressed you will then be invited to attend an interview. This is a great way for us to get to know you, to establish a connection with you and also for you to ask any questions you may have regarding chaplaincy.
  5. Accreditation: Once we have received a recommendation from your interview, your entire file will be assessed and your accreditation will be determined.
Chaplaincy Accreditations Update

We are very pleased to update you on some exciting news regarding National Chaplaincy Accreditation. After a thorough review of chaplaincy nationwide we have made some slight but significant changes to our processes.

These changes reflect the desire of the ACC to release and empower chaplains across all sectors, bringing them together as a united force under Chaplaincy Australia. We are looking towards a future where every ACC church in Australia has a chaplaincy ministry attached and benefitting each local church. This will mean a significant increase in the reach and potential of our network as we become one of the principle providers of Chaplaincy Nationwide.

We now have two levels of Chaplaincy Accreditation – Our previous ‘Chaplaincy Team Member’ has been replaced with ‘Chaplaincy Associate’ and ‘Chaplain’remains the same.

The main changes are that ‘Chaplaincy Associate’now reaches further to people who are starting their journey in chaplaincy, those who have a sense of call in the area and who have undertaken an appropriate level of training and experience for their specific chaplaincy role. We are seeking to involve all people who are working in Chaplaincy within the ACC to join our network – Sports Chaplains and School Chaplains are a particular group that we are reaching out to connect with.

‘Chaplains’ continue to work across all sectors of Chaplaincy Ministry. They are individuals with evidence of a proven calling to the ministry of Chaplaincy, who have completed all required training and have significant experience in their chosen chaplaincy role. The previous requirement of a minister’s credential (SMC, PMC, OMC) has been removed and you now can be accredited as a stand-alone process. This has significantly simplified the administration and reduced the costs of gaining a chaplaincy accreditation.

This is now a nationwide system and we are already seeing signs of growth and health as applications flow in. I again want to thank you for all that you do in the area of Chaplaincy and I would encourage you to keep looking to the Lord to make a way for you to continue to be effective. The best days are ahead of us as we continue to reach all those who are in need!