Living Waters Church located in the heart of Tumbulgum in the north of NSW. Following the largest flood on record, the Village, the Church & manse grounds were all flooded. After cleaning up the Living Waters Church, the congregation then helped the Local Community Association set up Marquee in front of the Church to Co-ordinate volunteers coming into the village. Hey also set up the local hall as a flood-resource area for donated supplies. The Living Waters Church then co-ordinated the ACC Chaplains who had been deployed to meet and talk with residents at the Local Hall.

During the crisis a well-known local family consisting of a Mother and 2 Children die in tragic accident when their car slips off the road into the Tweed River.   Pastor Rob goes to the family’s aid, to bring comfort and help with the Media and funeral arrangements. Pastor Rob & Brenda know the family personally through SRE at the local school.

The Living Waters Church assists in co-ordinating help from ACC and other churches to help the community in its’ recovery. A Grief workshop was co-ordinated involving the Church, a local Christian Psychologist trained in Trauma Counselling, and NSW district Health.

ACCI Flood Relief Appeal funds were distributed by door knocking the community to find specific needs and the allocation of funds to people meeting the criteria. Meetings with Local Council, State MP, Governor of NSW to make sure that our local community is heard in political circles to receive any Government Assistance available

Pastor Rob says, “This terrible disaster has provided an opportunity for the local Church to practically share the love and compassion of Jesus. Locals are now saying we are so glad you are here and what you’ve done for this community. At the last AGM, I was voted unanimously onto the Local Tumbulgum Community Association and am constantly referred to as “The Pastor of Tumbulgum ‘ by people in the community and at Council”.