The Neuroscience of Connection

…cultivating the relationship of presence with the whole person

Saturday August 17th 9.30am- 11.30am

As Chaplains, pastors and leaders we are wired to connect at all levels.  Learning to tune in to our nervous system can play a key role in our interactions. The relational space can become transformational as a field of presence is formed through attunement. This is where compassionate connections are cultivated,  differences are respected and presence extends an unspoken invitation to the other. Through our nervous system connections, authentic relationships empower us to activate better responses that can lead to a deeper level of communication and offer a sense of belonging.

Candy is an experienced Professional Supervisor – providing clinical & pastoral supervision for individuals and groups. Candy has extensive experience as a counsellor and chaplain within emergency services, healthcare and workplaces. Yet, her passion is within the provision of supervision.

Candy offers supervision to those in the people caring fields from counsellors, pastors (those in ministry settings), chaplains, and leaders. Candy sees supervision as a time to stop; reflecting and refining personal and professional space to rejuvenate, gain new perspectives, refocus, and grow into embracing a balanced life holistically.

Candy has studied a Graduate Certificate in Applied Neuroscience and will bring a wealth of knowledge about our connections with people.

We will look at:

  • Neuroscience of connection – Why will understanding this inform the chaplain’s practice of presence?
  • What is the importance of connecting to the whole person – spirit, soul and body? (voice and nervous systems)
  • How can the chaplain/pastor/leader cultivate presence?


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