Connections - National Chaplaincy and Supervision Online Conference

We have gathered a group of incredible presenters who are going to lift, challenge and inspire you towards growing your Connection to your Calling and your Community.

This Professional Development Conference will be available online, and you will have the opportunities to chose sessions from 2 different ‘Streams’. 

The Chaplaincy/Pastoral Stream and Supervision/Mentoring Stream

Your conference rego gives you to access to all of the Combined Sessions and you will be able to chose any of the Stream Sessions.  

All sessions will be presented live by gifted presenters – the sessions will not be recorded. 

Ralph Estherby - National Director
Tim Dyer - Keynote Speaker
Lee Cameron - Keynote Speaker
Susan Marcuccio - Keynote Speaker
Glenise Dedrick
Candy Daniels
Angie Herranz
Phil Linden
Jody Sisley
Joan Wright Howie
David Balestri
Dinah Eades Buchanan

This Professional Development Conference will be available online, and you will have the opportunities to chose sessions from 2 different ‘Streams’. 

The Chaplaincy/Pastoral Stream and Supervision/Mentoring Stream

Your conference rego gives you to access to all of the Combined Sessions and you will be able to chose any of the Stream Sessions.  

All sessions will be presented live by gifted presenters – the sessions will not be recorded. 

Navigating Domestic Violence: Providing support to victims and strategies for the abuser/perpetrator.

Matt Boulton

This elective presents fresh insights into the nature and dynamics of domestic violence relationships; unlocking some of DFV’s most puzzling questions. The session explores approaches which are working to facilitate deeper engagement with both victim/survivors and abusers, and offers practical tools and strategies for chaplains and ministers seeking to support change.

Matt is a domestic violence trainer, advocate and speaker based in Logan, Queensland. He is best known as the author of Changing Tools and the Circuit Breaker® program, and as the former Counselling Director for CityCARE Counselling Centres, where he specialised in DV cases and working with perpetrators.

For ten years, Matt served on the Joint Churches Domestic Violence Prevention Project, where he represented the Australian Christian Churches movement, and produced the project’s Not in My Church documentary and training resource for clergy.

Matt delivers his Circuit Breaker® program for the early prevention of domestic violence.

Matt’s disarming, honest and insightful, approach will assist all of us to bring genuine prevention to their communities.

Connecting the Call to our Workplace - The power of workplace chaplaincy for change

Jody Sisley

The power of workplace chaplaincy to change an organisation and the chaplain’s call to be in the world but not of the world.

Jody moved to Perth with her family just over 12 years ago following a call of God to the West. She came from a flourishing Pastoral role at LifeUC Canberra. She has been a Pastor for over 18 years and a Community Chaplain for the last 16 years. Jody is currently involved in training the Chaplaincy Courses for Alphacrucis College and works as a Fly in Fly out (FIFO) Chaplain in the mines. She also equips and develops the Chaplains in our State as the WA State Director of Chaplaincy Australia. She has a heart to support people in all areas of life, but especially in times of trouble. She has vast Pastoral Care experience, is a professional Supervisor and has a wealth of practical knowledge in how to help people in those challenging seasons of life experience God and His great love for them through the way we care for them.

Marketplace Ministry

David Balestri

David is a dedicated Prophetic Kingdom business consultant, coach, and trainer with a mission to empower Christian entrepreneurs and professionals to excel in the marketplace. As the founder of Marketplace Invasion, David leverages his extensive experience as a seasoned prophetic minister and successful entrepreneur to equip and inspire Kingdom-minded individuals to achieve their full potential.

Having pioneered and operated over a dozen businesses for over 30 years and with a decade of experience as a high-level manager in corporate Australia, David possesses the expertise and insights needed to guide Kingdom businesspeople in their unique pursuits. His deep understanding of business’s spiritual and practical aspects enables him to provide valuable guidance that empowers believers to transform the world through their careers and enterprises.

As the business pastor for HopeUC, a multi-site church on the Central Coast of Sydney, Australia, led by Pastors Mark and Darlene Zschech. He is also the head of the marketplace ministry academy at HopeUC that trains and equips the business and workplace believers in the church called HopeUC Centre of Excellence (

Fostering Connection with God in Supervision and Mentoring

Joan Wright Howie

As you accompany people in supervision and mentoring relationship, fostering connection is an essential ingredient. This workshop explores the space between contemplation and action where connection facilitates discernment. Connection create safe space for stories to flow, insights to emerge and nurtures interior freedom. Explore the dynamics of connection within self, with others and with God as you accompany others in supervision and mentoring. 

Joan  is a Uniting Church minister, professional supervisor and spiritual director (B.A., B.Theol., M.A. Spirituality) She is currently serving on the Australasian Association of Supervisors (AAOS) Board. Joan has 18 years experience training spiritual directors and pastoral supervisors. She is currently working on a PhD research project exploring how to nurture spirituality in organisational contexts.  

Fostering interior freedom is at the heart of Joan’s supervision practice. She seeks to provide hospitality to those she encounters in supervision and spiritual direction to facilitate safe reflexive space to explore the dynamics of life and work contexts. Joan welcomes creative expression, dream work, focusing and embodied awareness in her accompaniment work. In the midst of family life, Joan loves walking on the beach and tending her garden. 

Nurturing the Professional Relationship in Supervision & Mentoring

Candy Daniels

Research has suggested that the quality of the relationship is the most significant aspect when providing professional support/care/services. How we relate to ourselves influences how we relate and connect with and towards others. In this session, we will reflect upon how the connections within, influence and foster the two sides of the same coin, offering value as we continue to grow within to nurture professional relationships.

Candy is an experienced Clinical and Pastoral Supervisor, Clinical Counsellor, and Spiritual Care Practitioner/Chaplain. Candy’s passion is supervision, although she has extensive experience as a Counsellor and Chaplain in Emergency Services, Healthcare, and the Workplace. Candy offers supervision to those in the people caring fields. Candy sees supervision as a time to stop; gain deeper awareness, refocus, refresh and refine life’s personal and professional balance.

The Importance of Presence in Supervision & Mentoring Relationships

Dinah Eades Buchanan

Presence is one of the least talked about aspects of supervision and mentoring but arguably one of the most important. Everything flows from ‘presence’. Connection and relationship are key parts of the supervision or mentoring process and the very basis of this is presence. In this session we will explore what presence actually is, what blocks us from being fully present and how we can prepare ourselves to be present. We will be introducing contemplative practice as a way to anchor your presence as a supervisor and mentor, and look at how being fully present helps the other be present. 

Dinah is an experienced Supervisor, Counsellor, Gestalt Therapist, Spiritual Director and Educator. In addition to her counselling and teaching, she has offered supervision to clinicians, pastoral care workers, chaplains, clergy, and allied health for the past 15yrs. One of her main interests is the integration of spirituality and psychotherapy, and understanding psychological crisis through a transpersonal lens. Her main passion is in mentoring and supervising practitioners, and walking alongside those who want to bring passion and creativity to their vocation and practice.

Communicate to Connect & Boundaries in Ministry

Glenise Dedrick

This session is designed to equip and assist pastors, chaplains & leaders caring for people experiencing personal and interpersonal challenges. Communicate to Connect teaches you how to build rapport and connect with people in deeper life issues. Establishing deep connections and conversations.

Glenise has over thirty years’ experience in ministry and has been involved in senior leadershipo roles with Chaplaincy Australia for 8 years. 

She is a National Trainer for Alphacrucis College and provides many and varied workshops across the country.

Glenise specialises in Pastoral Care, Critical-incident Response, Trauma Reduction, Grief, Loss and Bereavement and Suicide Intervention for first respondents.

Having been deployed and leading teams at a state and national level during disasters, her broad experience has equipped her to speak with authority, insight and heartfelt understanding.

How Churches can respond to Disasters – the Chaplaincy Link?

Angie Herranz

The word tells that as the end times grow near, there will be an increase in natural disasters, and it is evident that this is already taking place. During times of disasters, we see people kneeling on their rooftops crying out to a God they’ve never met to rescue them. When people come face to face with their mortality, they turn to God for help. When someone is escaping a disaster affected zone they are greeted by SES, Red Cross or Council, but they desperately also need to have their faith need met.

This PD will further equip you to respond to those in their most vulnerable time. We will cover topics like; What defines a disaster as opposed to crisis? How can a chaplain or church respond? What does the human response look like and how might we connect with someone who is not coping?

Unfortunately, disasters whether of human nature or that of natural origin will affect us all at some point, my question is, how equipped are you?

Angie was called to Chaplaincy in 2011, and her wide experience includes shopping centre chaplaincy, school chaplaincy, disaster recovery chaplaincy, workplace chaplaincy, and street chaplaincy including the 2018 Commonwealth games. 

For 5 years Angie served with ChaplainWatch as the NightWatch Chaplaincy Coordinator; supporting, guiding and organising a team of 50 staff and volunteer NightWatch Chaplaincy team members delivering chaplaincy services overnight in the entertainment precincts of Brisbane.  

In 2019 Angie was a recipient of the Premier’s Bushfire Citation for providing Disaster Chaplaincy to the community. She also was part of a team that launched Queensland’s first Disaster Chaplaincy Network, which brought Queensland in alignment with all the other states and territories.

Angie now serves as QLD/NT Director for Chaplaincy Australia, she provides oversight to the Queensland Disaster Chaplaincy Network, and provides chaplaincy services one day a week to a law firm.

Culture: Unveiling the Secret Sauce for Supercharged Chaplaincy in Organisations

Phil Linden

In this topic, we will look at what it takes for community organisations and churches to create a culture that champions chaplaincy and connections. We will explore how organisations create good and bad culture, why values matter, the necessity of good orthodoxy and how to positively effect change.

As the Senior Leader of Vantage Point Church in Melbourne, Phil Linden is an experienced local church leader, teacher and strategic planner. He is gifted at translating the Good News of the grace of God into local church plans that minister the completed work of Christ and the inclusion of God.  This is evidenced by VPC’s community engagement initiatives and Phil’s strong advocacy for those facing food insecurity and isolation.

Phil has a background in senior corporate leadership roles, and has spent time working in aid and development throughout the Subcontinent and South East Asia.  His passion is to facilitate transformation at two levels: by assisting churches to articulate their strategic ministry plans and by helping individuals to understand their new creation identity in Christ.


Phil speaks, teaches and writes.  He serves on the Australian Christian Churches State Executive Team in Victoria and is also a Chaplain for the Australian Defence Force.

Building Strategic Connections - Joining the Dots

Susan Marcuccio

In this session Susan will be reflecting on the way that our professional lives have been shaped by the connections we have had and how we can ensure that we are strategic in our connections going forward. As pastors, leaders, supervisors, mentors and chaplains we all want our lives to make a difference and to make sure that we engaging in our divine purpose and potential.  This session will give you keys to catapult you into the future being proactive rather than reactive with very practical ways to build strategic connections. Expect an aha moment as together we start to join the dots…

Susan is the National Supervision Director for Chaplaincy Australia and President of Australasian Association of Supervision (AAOS).  Susan is an experienced supervisor and chaplain specialising in the provision of supervision to supervisors, pastors, leaders, chaplains and pastoral carers as well as allied health and business professionals. Susan is an advocate and educator in the area of supervision with a passion to see all those in the helping professions receive quality non-judgmental confidential support, and engage in transformational learning.  She regularly runs workshops and speaks at conferences on supervision, mentoring and chaplaincy, specialising in the practical application of theory, utilizing creative models, tools and resources.


Mapping Supportive Relationships

Tim Dyer

In this session, we will explore the various supportive relationships we, and those we work with, all need for wellbeing.  These range from family and friends through informal and formal networks of others who have us and our wellbeing on their agenda.  As we consider the various ways these relationships work, the invitation will be to map our personal network of supportive relationships so that we can gain the insight to assist others develop their own.   

Tim is a trainer of pastors, church consultants, mentors and Christian leaders.  He works across many mainline denominations and focuses on the care, development and support of clergy and the health of congregations.

Tim is a regular speaker at Pastors’ and Clergy Conferences in areas of leadership, church systems, professional ethics, self-care, mentoring, conflict management, staff and team dynamics and the impact of clergy sexual abuse.

He contributes to in-service training programs for clergy and leaders across many denominations and states. Besides mentoring pastors and leaders himself, Tim trains Christian leaders in the skills required to equip others to become leaders through intentional one to one mentoring.

Healthy Connections - Assessing and Adjusting for Continued Growth

Lee Cameron

Lee is a seasoned trainer and dynamic communicator, passionate to see pastors, supervisors, pastoral carers and chaplains flourishing in long-term ministry. 

This session will empower you to regularly reflect on the health of your connections, and activate necessary changes to ensure future sustained growth. 

Lee brings to this session the rich blend of pastor, leader, supervisor, chaplain, coach, mentor, and educator.

She has over 30 years experience in diverse leadership roles in a large regional church in NSW. She has overseen the training of chaplains nationally.

Lee is currently the Campus Pastor of her church, is on the NSW State Leadership team for Chaplaincy Australia and serves as a DRCN chaplain. 

Reading the Emotional Narrative Through Reflexive Awareness.

Bobby Moore

Bobby is a registered psychoanalytic psychotherapist (ICP) and certified group psychotherapist (AGPA) working in Belfast, Northern Ireland. 

A former ordained member in a religious congregation of the Catholic tradition he then spent many years with a voluntary agency offering residential therapeutic communities for mental health care.

Currently Bobby is self-employed as a psychotherapist, supervisor, executive coach, mediator and facilitator. He works internationally with a number of religious communities, of various denominations, supporting sustainable leadership through individual and team supervision, leadership coaching and leadership workshops.

He is Director of the Diploma in Reflexive Supervision, which is co-delivered with a team of practitioners from a wide range of professional backgrounds.

He also works as a trainer and supervisor for social work, education, nursing, psychology and multi-disciplinary teams in the NHS.