Bill Glover is a newly accredited Chaplain who has started work with a local community group that is providing low cost food to people in need. As the chaplain, Bill meets with all the clients of the service and is involved with screening and assisting to identify individuals who are in need of support outside of that which the service can provide. Bill has built up an extensive referral network and is ready to point people to the assistance they need.

Bill is seen as a ‘safe person’, someone who is friends with everyone and yet can really make a difference. He has become an integral part of this community group and everyone is pleased that he is there.

Every Wednesday you will find Bill surrounded by people who would normally never come to church, people who are isolated from their communities, struggling with mental illness or are just doing it tough because they have lost their job or are struggling with domestic violence.

A few weeks ago a particular client, Dave (not his real name) came to the food hub, he was agitated, confused and in desperate need of some fresh clothes and a shower. Bill was able to come alongside this individual who was really struggling and with a few caring and careful words was able to bring comfort and peace to a situation which could easily got out of hand. His training and skills kicked in and he was able to make a real difference, Dave was sent off with a full basket, some fresh clothes and was set up with a referral for a visit and a mental health assessment. He left with a smile on his face and everyone was impressed by the outcome.

Bill is just one of hundreds of Chaplains around Australia who are making a difference and sharing the love of Christ in a practical and life changing way. Bill positioned himself to make a difference, he undertook some training, practiced until he became proficient and is now incredibly usable by the Lord. His ministry is going to go from strength to strength and his community is going to know the benefit!