Congratulations to Gary Ring for receiving his 15 year service medal!!   Pastor Gary Ring recently received his 15 year service medal for his work at Long Bay Correctional Service Facility.

Gary is one of longest serving chaplains and he is a credit to the Lord and to Chaplaincy Australia!   We are so proud of the selfless work he has done with the inmates, custodial staff and all the team at Long Bay.

Prison Chaplaincy has its rigours abut it also has spectacular benefits, as individuals like Gary get to share their lives with those who are at their absolute worse.  Coming alongside the ones who don’t get to chose where they sleep is a privilege and our Correctional Service Chaplains offer great hope, support and love to all.  It is a fabulous ministry and we ask you to remember to pray and to support those who are on the front line in this very robust area of ministry.

Keep up the good work Gary!