INNOVATION - Supervision and Mentoring Conference 2022

The conference is all about innovation in the areas of supervision and mentoring.  Come along and be inspired and hear the latest thinking around these important areas.

We are excited to introduce our Conference Speakers for 2022!

We hope that you are able to join us for what is going to be a time of challenge and transformation for all of us! 

Conference Speaker Kate Beer

The Territory Yarning Map: An innovation for providing Supervision in Intercultural contexts

Kate is Melbourne born, but has spent the last ten years as a CMS Missionary, walking alongside Aboriginal ministers and church leaders in the Northern Territory to provide support and training. In response to the needs of this role, Kate completed an MA in 2019 exploring the development of culturally and linguistically appropriate alternative models of providing pastoral supervision in intercultural contexts. The Territory Yarning Map emerged from this research, and subsequent discussions with Aboriginal church leaders. The Territory Yarning Map is a tool, designed to support supervisors in offering culturally humble and responsive supervision across cultures and in contexts where cultural dynamics may be impacting the practice of ministry workers. This session will present the map, together with some of the research and principles behind the Yarning Map and an introduction into how the map supports reflective conversations that support practice.  

Kate has been a pastoral supervisor since 2018, and has been involved in training and supervising students in pastoral supervision since 2020. She is married to Tavis and they have two adult children.


Conference Speaker Susan Marcuccio

Exponential growth: the rise of pastoral supervision and mentoring in Australia – Our new normal: engaging through online supervision and mentoring

Susan is the National Supervision Director for Chaplaincy Australia, an experienced Professional/Pastoral Supervisor, and a Board Member and Supervisor/Supervisor Trainer with Australasian Association of Supervision (AAOS).  Susan specialises in the provision of supervision to supervisors, pastors, leaders, chaplains and pastoral carers as well as allied health and business professionals. Susan is an advocate and educator in the area of supervision with a passion to see all those in the helping professions receive quality non-judgmental confidential support, and engage in transformational learning.  She regularly runs workshops and speaks at conferences on supervision, mentoring and chaplaincy, specialising in the practical application of theory, utilizing creative models, tools and resources.

At this conference Susan and the CA Supervision & Mentoring Team will be reflecting on and interviewing key individuals regarding “Exponential growth: the rise of pastoral supervision and mentoring in Australia”, and what that means going forward.   The continued need for innovation and the new ways supervision and mentoring are provided will also be discussion points raised and explored throughout the conference.

In the session “Our new normal: engaging through online supervision and mentoring”, Susan will be introducing a number of new creative models, tools and resources that can be used in online supervision and mentoring.


Conference Speaker Dinah Eades Buchanan

Metaphors and imagery: uncovering how God speaks through supervision and mentoring

Dinah is an experienced Counsellor, Gestalt therapist, Spiritual Director and Educator. In addition to her counselling and teaching, she has offered supervision to clinicians, pastoral care workers, chaplains, clergy, and allied health for the past 16yrs. Dinah has also been a Professional Supervision Educator, for the past 4 years. Dinah’s therapeutic focus includes personal / spiritual development, life transitions, working with depression, anxiety, grief and bereavement, and working with dreams, and metaphor.

One of her main interests is the integration of spirituality and psychotherapy, and understanding psychological crisis through a transpersonal lens. Her main passion is in mentoring and supervising practitioners, and walking alongside those who are want to bring passion and creativity to their vocation and practice.

In this session Dinah will be sharing on how to access and uncover imagery, and listen for language to pick up on metaphors.  Exploring aspects of discernment and how God speaks through metaphors, imagery and dreams in supervision and mentoring.  How engaging in the discovery of metaphors and imagery can unlock doors to a deeper understanding of ourselves and those we walk alongside.


Conference Speaker Ralph Estherby

Reframing our thinking: the way we respond to need in supervision and mentoring

Ralph is National Director for Chaplaincy Australia and has over 32 years of Pastoral and Senior Leadership experience.  He is a Member of the Religious Advisory Committee to the Services (ADF) and oversees, mentors and provides Pastoral Care for over 110 Military Chaplains. He is a gifted communicator and delights to encourage people to expand their thinking.  

He has been mentoring and supporting chaplains for over 15 years and has a wealth of experience which he is keen to share with us all. 

His session will explore the need we all have to be constantly reframing our approach to ministry and will encourage us all to be ready to expand our thinking. 

He will also explore our responses to the need that we uncover during our Supervision and Mentoring Sessions and will provide insight into opportunities for us to respond.  

Conference Speaker Geoff Broughton

Sustaining senior leaders: mentoring and supervising the incessantly lonely

Geoff Broughton is an Australian pioneer in the field of Pastoral Supervision with thirty years of ministry experience within the Anglican Church. Geoff is the Associate Professor of Practical Theology at St Marks National Theological Centre, the Principal of Pastoral Supervision Australia, an Associate of The Institute of Pastoral Supervision and Reflective Practice, and serves on the Board of AAOS. In 2019 Dr Broughton was seconded by the General Synod of the Anglican Church of Australia for a consultation role with bishops and senior leaders across the Anglican church. This role recognised his national expertise in Pastoral Supervision as an accredited supervisor trainer and co-founder of St Marks National Theological Centre’s highly-rated and nationally recognised Graduate Certificate in Professional Supervision. He also coordinates pastoral supervision subjects in Charles Sturt University’s Master of Ministry program and is the expert lecturer in Master of Arts subjects in pastoral supervision across a broad range of theological colleges including Ridley, Moore, Morling, Vose and Alphacrusis.

Geoff has extensive experience in both the Anglican Church and the university sectors working with high performing leaders and teams, facilitating a wide range of leadership and management and is author of the first Australian book in pastoral supervision published by Routledge in 2020.

The heart of Geoff’s philosophy as a supervisor is the integration of knowledge with lived experience. In all contexts – from early youth ministry to nearly two decades living and ministering among marginalised communities in the inner city – he has made the connections between faith, learning and life for himself and for others. In this session Geoff will draw upon his expertise and experience to tackle this important topic.

Conference Speaker Kate Mole

New Treasures in Ancient Ways: The Spiritual Disciplines of Silence/Solitude and Sabbath

Kate is an experienced mentor, a member of the Australian Christian Mentoring Network and a Recognised Mentor with Chaplaincy Australia.  She is a lover of the ocean, a tea enthusiast and has a passion for people living life well.  Kate has worked in the Health Industry as a Speech Pathologist for 20 years, in numerous Executive roles in churches, and has run three businesses, as well as being a credentialed Pastor (ACC NSW) and holds a Certificate in Counselling (AIFC). 

Her passion for mentoring has come from years of working with and alongside key leaders and pastors, and supporting their personal growth and practical skill development.  Her desire is to see people function from a place of emotional health and live in a sustainable way in ministry.

In this session Kate will lead an exploration into some ancient spiritual disciplines that are being reawakened in these days of innovation. The spiritual disciplines of silence/solitude and sabbath will be the focus of this session including the opportunity to participate in a silence experience and hear from God in fresh new ways. These ancient ways are treasures that we can introduce those we mentor and supervise to encourage their being with God and personal discipleship journey.  


Conference Speaker Associate Professor Rebecca Loundar

“Trauma Informed Supervision and Mentoring”

Rebecca Loundar is an Australian-based health professional and has been a practising Psychologist for over 25 years and is endorsed as a Clinical and Counselling Psychologist.

Rebecca is the Head of Social Sciences and an Associate Professor at Alphacrucis College. She oversees AC’s Professional Supervision, Counselling, Chaplaincy, Wellbeing and Community Services programs. Rebecca is also one of AC’s Higher Degree Research Supervisors. Rebecca has been actively involved with the development and teaching of these courses. 

Assoc. Prof. Loundar has a broad range of experience working with individuals and groups, in a variety of settings including clinical and community (including not-for-profit) based psychology services, education facilities and corporate environments. Rebecca has been an active member on different government and community committees, a researcher and provider of clinical consultation, supervision and training to psychologists, counsellors, chaplains and pastoral workers.  Her research interests include psychosocial, spiritual and professional wellbeing and societal issues including domestic and family violence.

In her session, Rebecca will be sharing her wisdom around the topic of “Trauma Informed Supervision and Mentoring”.

Conference Speaker Tim Dyer

“Good question! Developing the capacity to deepen mentoring and supervisory conversations.”

Tim Dyer is a trainer of church consultants, mentors and leaders.  He works across many mainline denominations and focuses on the care, development and support of clergy and the health of congregations. Besides mentoring pastors and leaders himself, Tim trains Christian leaders in the skills required to equip others to become leaders through intentional one to one mentoring. 

Tim has an interest in healthy congregational and parish life and consults with churches and denominations on processes which create and support parish health.  He trains and supervises denominational church consultancy teams which work with program evaluation, church governance, vision and direction, pastoral transitions, staff team reviews and in times of conflict.  Tim has both church health and church conflict consultancy teams operational within a variety of denominations in Australia.  


Tim trains consultants nationally to work with congregations in crisis as a result of conflict or sexual misconduct in leadership. He has a particular interest in developing healthy recovery processes for whole congregational systems.  Tim trained in psychology at Melbourne and Monash Universities before researching and publishing on Youth Homelessness as a staff worker with Scripture Union Victoria.  He teaches at a graduate level for several theological colleges in Team Relationships, Conflict Management, Resilience and Self Care, Trauma and Recovery and the Personal Life of the Minister.  Tim is supported in ministry by his home congregation in Sheffield, Tasmania where he serves primarily as a Bible teacher