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Susan Marcuccio

Chaplaincy Australia – National Supervision & Mentoring Director


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Welcome to our mentoring page!

We are passionate about chaplains, pastoral carers, pastors and leaders having good support and engaging in personal and professional development.

Having a mentor is an amazing opportunity to increase your support, enhance your spiritual reflection and to develop Professional Mastery. The mentoring relationship is a great source of encouragement. 

There is something powerful about meeting with someone you trust every 2 or so months and having a safe confidential space to reflect on your ministry, to get encouragement, support and to gain a broader perspective on situations you may be facing.  Mentoring assists you to identify what you love to do, your calling, your core values and to better understand why you respond and react the way you do in certain circumstances. 

Chaplaincy Australia Mentors experienced ministers and leaders who are skilled in providing support in the mentoring framework. You can find them on the pages below.

If you would like to apply to become a Chaplaincy Australia Mentor you can apply online below.

To become a CA Mentor you will need to undertake Mentor Training.  Contact [email protected] for more details. 


Tell me more... What are the Benefits and Requirements?
Mentor's Requirements & Benefits

Requirements to be a CA Mentor

  • At least five years’ experience in Chaplaincy or Pastoral Ministry
  • Successful interview with relevant CA State Director or State Mentor Coordinator
  • Suitable character reference outlining suitability to be a CA Mentor
  • Undertake mandatory CA Mentor Orientation
  • Must have your own Mentor or Supervisor and see them regularly
  • Initial and annual payment of $100 per year or $50 if already a CA Member.


Benefits of being a CA Mentor

  • Part of a National Organisation
  • Advertising on CA Website
  • CA Mentor Certificate
  • Free CA Mentor Orientation via Zoom
  • Access to CA Mentors and Supervisors
  • Recommended to the National CA Network
  • Information and updates on Mentoring, PD and other opportunities
  • Free CA Mentoring Professional Development (PD) opportunities
  • Networking with other Mentors
  • Member discount for Chaplaincy Conference registration
  • Opportunity to be promoted at Chaplaincy Conferences
  • Business cards designed and printed for you (for a small fee)
  • Invitations to regional meetings/events in your area

Chaplaincy Australia Group Mentoring

Chaplaincy Australia is pleased to announce that we will be offering Group Mentoring in various locations across NSW/ACT in 2020.

Our Group Mentoring will be facilitated by a Chaplaincy Australia Mentor for a minimum of 4 people and a maximum of 8 people.

It is recommended that the group will meet four times over the year.

Cost $50 per person for two hours. 

To register your interest, email [email protected]

Our Chaplaincy Australia Mentors

Ralph Estherby

Ralph Estherby

Recognised Mentor


Ralph has been involved in full time ministry and senior leadership roles since 1988 – he currently serves as the National Director Chaplaincy Australia and as a Co-ordinating Chaplain for the Australian Army. 


Ralph is a gifted communicator and a passionate leader who believes that Christ has answers for every life and that true fulfillment can only be found in Him.

With extensive leadership experience as a Senior Pastor, Ralph is able to work with individuals and teams to assist them in developing their skills and remaining refreshed in the ministry. 

His broad experience and his exposure to both Pastoral and Chaplaincy ministry roles equip him to be a resource to those seeking to explore and expand their influence in meeting the needs of their community.  

He is passionate to see carers receive the care they need to continue to offer the care our community deserves. 

He is available for mentoring in Sydney face-to-face and in other locations by arrangement or by video conference.  

Phone: 0401 296 285

Email: [email protected]


Donna Knee

Donna Knee

Recognised Mentor

Donna has over 20 years’ experience as a Chaplain, and is currently working for Baptist Care as a community Chaplain and also works as a school chaplain.

Donna is a trained facilitator of various adult and children’s groups such as Seasons for Growth, Resilience Doughnut and The Pillowcase Project.

She is trained and experienced in DV, mental health, child protection and holds a Diploma of Community Services alongside a unit of CPE, Cert 1V in Chaplaincy and Pastoral Care and a Cert 1V in Counselling and Communication skills.

Donna comes highly recommended and is a Sector Leader with Chaplaincy Australia for Schools & Community and is a trained team leader with the Disaster Recovery Chaplaincy Network.

Phone: 0402 851 188

Email: [email protected]

Sandra Hagerty

Sandra Hagerty

Recognised Mentor

Sandra has over 10 years’ experience in Pastoral Care and Chaplaincy, and is currently a community Chaplain and also the Chaplain for the Brain Tumour Association of WA.

Sandra has previous experience with school Chaplaincy, outreach and prayer ministry.
Sandra is a trainer of Chaplaincy at Alphacrucis College, is trained and experienced in DV, mental health & mental health first aid and youth.

Sandra is ex-military and combined with her ministry studies, has a wealth of wisdom to offer others.

She is part of the Leadership Team for Chaplaincy Australia WA and is part of the Disaster Recovery Network.

She is available for Mentoring in Perth or Nationally via zoom.

Phone: 0437 313 988

Email: [email protected] 


Graham Blok

Graham Blok

Recognised Mentor

Graham has had extensive experience in Christian ministry as a teacher, School Principal, Pastor, Workplace Chaplain and Pastoral Supervisor. Graham is currently the NSW/ACT Chaplain for the Toll Group and the director of Take Care Services. He is a member of the Chaplaincy Australia NSW & ACT State Leadership Team.

Graham is an Ordained ACC Minister and is an accredited Supervisor with the Australasian Association of Supervision and Chaplaincy Australia. He holds a Post Graduate Certificate in Professional Supervision from St Marks National Theological Centre Canberra.

Graham is available for appointments at Penrith, Eastern Creek or by Video.

Phone: 0403 394 323

Email: [email protected]

Kerrie McGibbon

Kerrie McGibbon

Recognised Mentor

Kerrie holds a Grad Dip Counselling, Grad Dip Systemic Therapy, Adv Cert Supervision (UK), CPE 1 unit.

With 20 years experience in pastoral care & counselling, she presents as a great resource and support.  Highly experienced in trauma, critical incident de briefing, grief, loss, couple therapy, cross cultural issues, entry and re entry for missions and humanitarian aid workers – she is able to assist individuals to assess their responses and find opportunities for further development.  

15 years experience pastoral and clinical supervision see her well equipped to offer meaning opportunities for learning.  

Over the last 4 years she has been working as a hospital chaplain supporting patients and staff.

She has a passion to care for the carer, to work towards emotional spiritual and physical health for workers in order to build resilience.

She is available for mentoring sessions in Gordon (NSW) and Nationally by Skype/Zoom

Phone: 0412 343 675

Email: [email protected]


Gwen Finnigan

Gwen Finnigan

Recognised Mentor


Gwen is a qualified Chaplain and has worked as School Chaplain for 5 years.

Volunteer at Dandenong Hospital as a Chaplain for 5 years and currently still volunteering at the hospital.

Regional Leader for Chaplaincy Australia overseeing over 15 Chaplains in the City Central Region.

Hillsong Connect Group Leader overseeing over 10 connect groups in South East Region.

She is available for mentoring sessions in Melbourne Victoria / and by Skype / Zoom

Phone: 0418 660 606

Email: [email protected]


Glenise Dedrick

Glenise Dedrick

Recognised Mentor

Glenise has over thirty years’ experience in ministry and is the Victorian State Director of Chaplaincy Australia.

She travels extensively as a National Trainer for Alphacrucis College and provides many and varied workshops across the State of Victoria and Australia.
Glenise specialises in Pastoral Care, Critical-incident Response, Trauma Reduction, Grief, Loss and Bereavement and Suicide Intervention for first respondents.

Having been deployed and leading teams at a state and national level during disasters, her broad experience has equipped her to speak with authority, insight and heartfelt understanding.

Glenise is available for appointments all over Victoria. 

Phone: 0413 151 161

Email: [email protected]

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