MOMENTUM - Supervision and Mentoring Conference 2023

The conference is all about MOMENTUM – riding the wave of supervision and mentoring. We will also be discussing getting ready for the next wave….

We are excited to introduce our Conference Speakers for 2023!

We hope that you are able to join us for what is going to be a time of challenge and transformation for all of us! 

Conference Speaker Susan Marcuccio

Susan is an experienced Professional/Pastoral Supervisor and a Supervisor Trainer and current President of Australasian Association of Supervision (AAOS).  Susan specializes in the provision of supervision to supervisors, pastors, leaders, chaplains and pastoral carers as well as allied health and business professionals. Susan is also an advocate and educator in the area of supervision with a passion to see all those in the helping professions receive quality non-judgmental confidential support, and engage in transformational learning. She specialises in the practical application of theory, utilising her own unique style of models, tools and resources. 


Conference Speaker Tim Dyer

Tim is a regular speaker at conferences in the areas of leadership, church systems, professional ethics, self-care, mentoring, conflict management, staff and team dynamics.  He teaches at a graduate level in leadership, team relationships, conflict management, resilience and self-care, trauma and recovery and the personal life of the minister.  Besides mentoring pastors and leaders himself, Tim trains Christian leaders in the skills required to equip others to become leaders through intentional one to one mentoring.  Tim has both church health and church conflict consultancy teams operational within a variety of denominations in Australia.  Tim trains consultants nationally to work with congregations in crisis as a result of conflict in leadership. He has a particular interest in developing healthy recovery processes for whole congregational systems. Tim trained in psychology at Melbourne and Monash Universities.


Conference Speaker Candy Daniels

Candy is an experienced Professional Supervisor, with Australasian Association of Supervision (AAOS) and Christian Counsellors Association of Australia (CCAA) and a registered Clinical Counsellor with CCAA, Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia (PACFA) & Spiritual Care Australia. Candy has a passion in providing supervision, she has extensive experience as a counsellor and chaplain within emergency services, healthcare and workplaces. Candy offers supervision to those in the people caring fields from counsellors, chaplains, pastors and leaders. Candy sees supervision as a time to stop; reflecting and refining personal and professional space to rejuvenate in order to do what we love and love what we do.


Conference Speaker Ralph Estherby

Ralph has been involved in full time ministry and senior leadership roles since 1988 – he currently serves as the National Director, Chaplaincy Australia and as a Co-ordinating Chaplain for the Australian Army. Ralph is a gifted communicator and a passionate leader who believes that Christ has answers for every life and that true fulfillment can only be found in Him.  With extensive leadership experience as a Senior Pastor, Ralph is able to work with individuals and teams to assist them in developing their skills and remaining refreshed in the ministry. His broad experience and his exposure to both Pastoral and Chaplaincy ministry roles equip him to be a resource to those seeking to explore and expand their influence in meeting the needs of their community.  He is passionate to see carers receive the care they need to continue to offer the care our community deserves. 


Conference Speaker Ed Vaughan

Edward Vaughan works for City to City Australia, an organisation that seeks to encourage church planting and the revitalisation of existing churches. He also runs an organisation called Generation Leadership, through which he provides Pastoral Supervision and training for those in ministry and not for profit work.

He is married to Jane, and they live in Hurlstone Park, in the inner south west of Sydney. Ed was ordained as an Anglican minister in Sydney in 1989. Since then he has ministered in the inner western suburbs of Sydney, in Dublin in Ireland, and in Darlinghurst in the inner eastern suburbs of Sydney.

Ed & his wife Jane have a passion for raising the next generation of leaders for the Australian church. They are both involved in mentoring and coaching of younger leaders.


Conference Speaker Michelle Fife

Michelle has been in church ministry for over 25 years and is a chaplain in Aged Care, Prisons, Mental Health and Funerals. 

She is a trainer with Alphacrucis College and Lifeline and is passionate to equip and train others, especially in Chaplaincy. 

Michelle is the National Welfare Manager for Disaster Relief Australia who provide Disaster Response and is a member of Disaster Recovery Chaplaincy Network. 

As a professional pastoral supervisor and member of AAOS, Michelle understands the value and importance of supervision to strengthen, encourage and equip others in ministry to continue to burn bright and not burn out.