Special Online OPEN Professional Development Workshop

Monday 19 February, 2024

9am – 1.30pm

Topic: Supervising and Mentoring individuals safely through key transitions

As supervisors, mentors, and chaplains one of the common challenges we face is accompanying others while they navigate change and transition.  

This can arise through various anticipated and unanticipated changes in life situations.  In this session, we will explore the different types of change individuals face and the cognitive, emotional and spiritual journeys that comprise psychological transition.  We will look specifically at how mentors and supervisors can assist individuals in navigating transition and the self-care practices that enable people to stay safe and well while things around them are moving. 

Speaker: TIM DYER

Tim Dyer is a trainer of pastors, church consultants, mentors and Christian leaders.  He works across many mainline denominations and focuses on the care, development and support of clergy and the health of congregations. Tim is a regular speaker at Pastors’ and Clergy Conferences in areas of leadership, church systems, professional ethics, self-care, mentoring, conflict management, staff and team dynamics and the impact of clergy sexual abuse. He contributes to in-service training programs for clergy and leaders across many denominations and states. Besides mentoring pastors and leaders himself, Tim trains Christian leaders in the skills required to equip others to become leaders through intentional one to one mentoring.


$200 Non-Members

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