Our prision chaplains regularly share incredible stories of hope and restoration – Corrective service establishments are populated by individuals who have reached the end of themselves and the end of their options.   They are held within strict limits and freedoms we all value are removed.  The Chaplain with the jail is beacon of hope and friendship.  Often they are the only listening ear available and the only ‘judgement free zone’.  Chaplains come alongside and assit the inmates to reassess their lives so far and help build skills which are going to helop them in the future.  A vital part of the rehabilitation process is the acceptance and love they they expeience from selfless invidiuals who are willing to step up to this powerful ministry calling. 

Fabulous stories are available of indivduals who have encountered hope and life in the most hopeless place and have gone forward finding life outside and a future filled with possibility and hope. 

We give a big ‘shout out’ to our prison chaplains and we would invite you to consider this possibility for yourself.