Laura Douglas shares the reason for her passion and the joy she has found as a school chaplain.  “As Chaplain at Windsor High I just love being around young people, I love connecting one on one with them and having ‘deep’ conversations about how they are doing.  My office is a safe space for the kids to just drop in – we have games and air hockey, a pool table and video games… its just a safe spot for kids to come and sit.  Often kids are bullied at school and this is a spot they can feel safe, have fun and have a good time together. 

A number of kids come to school without breakfast and they end up mucking up in class because they are hungry.  It has been great to run a breakfast program and meet this really pratical need as well. 

I hit a moment in high school where I had no-one to talk to, I think that stirred in my heart the passion to become a chaplain and make sure that I was there when others needed it. 

Getting trained for Chaplaincy was a great experience, it helped and resourced me in so many different areas which are crucial skills to be a Chaplain.  My ultimate goal in life is to make a difference in peoples lives – and I get to walk in that calling everyday being a chaplain to young people.”

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