2 great sessions packed with information and engagement with a panel of professional Chaplains & Supervisors who will answer questions and speak from their vast experience. As well as special guest Ps Susan Marcuccio the National Supervision Director for Chaplaincy Australia.


Listening Skills – Workshopping around the following thoughts…

Setting the Scene (creating the environment)

The Power of the Pause

Removing the Cape (Empowerment)

Being Comfortable with the Uncomfortable

Profound Prescence 

Self-Care Practices

Mandatory Reporting – Key Facts for Pastors & teams

Panel – Q & A 


Vicarious Trauma/Compassion Fatigue

How can CA help in a Crisis?

Q & A with Panel – Answering some tough questions such as…

How do they protect themselves from Vicarious Trauma / Compassion Fatigue?

What are the Spiritual Impacts of our work – How do we have buoyancy in our souls & spirits? 

What does the world require of us? 

How do we keep our Focus on Christ when we are exposed to significant needs? 

What does Chaplaincy look like when you can’t openly express your faith in Christ?

Our WA Team is ready to help you...

Jody Sisley - WA State Director

Jody is ready to help you explore your Chaplaincy ministry in the largest State.  Great things are happening in WA with more to come!

Office Details

Chaplaincy Australia WA

PO Box 594


Phone: 0413 711 153 


WA CA Network

Our network continues to grow steadily in WA and our opportunities also, in the coming months we will continue to connect with Chaplains from all over the State to ensure that they have the recources they need to do the job they are called to do.

Chaplaincy Courses available in WA!

We are very excited to be able to offer a Cert IV & Diploma in chaplaincy through Alphacrucis in WA.

This fantastic course prepares Chaplains for the awesome opportunities which present themselves as we step out and minister to those in need.

The courses are delivered in 3 day intensives and additional course work. It is an intensely practical and useful period of study which many report as life and ministry changing.

If you are interested in enrolling you can speak to our State office or contact AC College directly…

WA Chaplain's Training Day

We recently held a very successful Chaplain’s Training Day at our ACC Offices in Perth.  We had a great day looking at Disaster Response and having an update from our National Director Ralph Estherby.  We also explored a complex case study and took the opportunity to expand our skills. 

It is great to get together and to build on what we already know.  It is also a great opportunity to grow in our Chaplaincy ministry and all that the Lord has for us.  

If you are interested in being part of our next Chaplaincy day contact us…

Accreditation Process

Our Chaplaincy network across WA is growing in size, influence and effectiveness. We are excited that you are considering becoming a part of it. To apply to become a Chaplain or a Chaplaincy Associate please complete our online application form from our Accreditations page.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact the WA Chaplaincy office  [email protected]

Contact the WA team

We would like to answer any questions you may have about our Chaplaincy services. Please complete the contact form, and a member of our staff will respond promptly to your enquiry. Thank you.