I worked as Contracts Manager at Hutchinson Builders for 11 years and terminated my contracts role there to enter fulltime role as Senior Pastor in August 2013 Upon leaving,  my manager ,who isn’t a religious man, suggested that the workplace would lose a ‘presence’ and, as I had during my tenure there always brought a sense of pastoral care and being familiar with that industry, that I come in post resignation and  serve ½ day per week as their pastoral carer on a paid capacity. I was given a laptop computer and my email address was retained there under the new designation of Corporate /Workplace Chaplain I accepted this role spontaneously. Due to the increase staff numbers, at the beginning of 2017, I was asked to increase my time to 1 full day per week and then this year in August I was asked if I could devote another day so in total I work there  2 days per week (Tuesday and Thursday) The current staff numbers – only in the Tweed Gold office for which I am responsible  is 140. (The company nationally has over 1500 employees ) I visit the sites they work on as well as linger in the Office to “rub shoulders with the office staff”. Through my own compilation of data I estimate there are 100 partners and approx 170 children giving a jurisdiction of care of approx over 400 people in this branch Over the last couple of years I have developed a close relationships with their staff and most of their partners. I have also performed 7 weddings, 3 funerals & 2 baby dedications.   I am enjoying my role there and hope to really serve for a long time.